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SSPX - The Swedish Crusade and Bishop Richard Williamson (Pt 6)

Stone sand left the Church of Sweden to avoid bless homosexual.
Now, he instead joined with right-wing extremists and Holocaust denier of the ultra-conservative cleric Brotherhood SSPX.
The goal - to make Sweden Catholic again.

BY VICAR in Oskarshamn had Stone sand reputation after 30 years service in the Swedish Church.
But when kyrkomötet decided that gay couples would have the blessing of the Church, it was enough.
- I do not know that I can be of solidarity with the Swedish Church on the grounds of this decision, "he said in an SVT interview after the opt-out.

Step Stone sand was greater than many imagined. That he chose to convert to Catholicism is no secret.
Few know, however, the people he is seeking to.

THE FORMER vicar chose to turn to the most controversial society within the Catholic world - the ultra-conservative cleric Brotherhood SSPX, or the Society of St. Pius X as it is called in English.

SSPX is since 20 years back banned by the Pope and the Vatican because of his extremely conservative stance.
The founder of the SSPX, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, has several times been in blowing weather for its intransigent attitude towards other religions and against immigrants.

In a French TV interview has Marcel Lefebvre, inter alia, demanded that the government will stop Islam, because it simply can not coexist.
- Each year, we received 500 000 Muslims in France. You will see what happens in the mosques, when one of them says "Kill all Christians". When they kill Christians, they go to heaven and take the soul of the killed. Why would they not? said Archbishop Lefebvre to television reporters.

If the Swedish members of the Brotherhood says Stone sand so when the Mandate Review interviewing him in one of the SSPX priest seminars in southern Germany:
- Many great people. Warm, wonderful people, individuals each. We are fighting for something in common. In this large group, we of course 100-200 persons.
What are you fighting for?
- The fact that Sweden once again to become Catholic, "says Stone sand.

BUT what are the people Stone sand describes as "warm" and "wonderful"?
Mandate Review has reviewed some of the most influential members of the Assembly of stone sand will lead when he is finished with his training in the SSPX - an education that is carried out in only half the usual time of six years, so he should be able to get home in Sweden.

On the list of members is a long series of people with links to extreme right:

* The contact person in Lund is a 34 year old male. Was active in
National Democrats and 30 November Movement.

* Another contemporary, which is a facilitator in Malmö, has been active in the extreme nationalist Nysvenska movement.

* One of the leading and most active people in the SSPX in Stockholm is a 58-year-old man. He has a background in the right-wing organizations and anti-Semitic Radio Islam.

* The contact person for spes Nostra, the early Swedish SSPX Group, is a 30-year-old man with a background in the National Democrats. He is also responsible for several web sites with links to the extremist movement.

Also the basis of the SSPX in Sweden is a profile in the far right - Jonas de Geer.
He recently moved with his family to one of the Brotherhood Monastery in Orkney outside Scotland. But a few months ago, he was back in Sweden, invited as main speaker at what is considered to be the largest Nazi party, the Nordic Festival.

In his speech he said among other things:
- I am not a nationalist because I am proud of my people. I am rather nationalist to me ashamed of my people. I am ashamed of my fellow citizens who are indifferent to their sons and their daughters HENPECKED violated by immigrant gangs in our streets, in our schools. I am ashamed of my kindred people lining the streets and stands and cheers when homo files holds its annual triumphal march through the capital.

ALL SSPX supporters in Sweden is obviously not politically active or right-wing extremists - but just want to celebrate the traditional fair. But there is no doubt, the most driven people in Stensand Marks Swedish Assembly of the political spectrum.
- I can not ban anyone. We can not in Sweden. I can not forbid anyone to enjoy the views, but it's nothing you can bring to the market square in the SSPX, said Sten sand.

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