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Wolfram Nahrath Is The New Lawyer For SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson
Ethno-Nationalist Wolfram Nahrath

The new attorney for the SSPX Bishop is Wolfram Nahrath who is a member of the Ethno-Nationalist Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands or National Democratic party of Germany (NPD). The attorney has already asked that the trial of Bishop Williamson for his holocaust denial be bumped up a few weeks. Most likely to start mid-December.

So the Bishop has a new lawyer, any surprise why he picked an attorney who has neo-nazi or more appropriately an Ethno-Nationalist viewpoint? No, you see Bishop Williamson has never given up his views on the "third way" or distributism and this is the philosophy of the NPD, only they do it in German:

"American fellow Nationalists,

We want for the future of our political agenda to advertise in foreign languages, because the enemy of our peoples, capitalism, globalism and Islamism currently operates internationally. Some people have hardly a chance against the power of the One-World-strategists. It is time for the national forces of free nations to unite and network.

More than ever today the peoples of the world are faced with the question of whether they are in a "multi-cultural entity" life or if culturally unique and individual states are wanted. "One World" is a misanthropic system that destroys our culture. We will see in Germany and also you can see, comrades, in the U.S.. The U.S. is known for freedom of expression and a free life. In Germany, we don’t know that in this form. National Patriots in Germany are literally pursued by the political left and left-wing press. But even in the U.S. the freedom is being exploited. Massiveness of immigration, Islamism and globalization have this beautiful country culturally and internationally almost completely destroyed. Was that the intention of the founding fathers of the United States? Even the German founding fathers especially Otto von Bismarck, wanted Germany only for the German People and not for Islamists from all over the world!

We are proud of our heritage and are committed to our German people. Other people we respect - But our own are the people we love.

We honor and respect the idiosyncrasies of the peoples of Europe and the world. We want to get this and disclaim from a multicultural society!

Who does not love the U.S., should leave the United States! Who does not Love Germany, should leave Germany!

They therefore support our work for a better future for our peoples!

Berlin, 09, November 2009 Udo Voigt"

Bishop Richard Williamson is going the way of Father Guido Tam & Father Abromowicz who both left the SSPX to pursue their Ethno-Nationalist "hobbies" in Northern Italy. Why the big guns of the Traditionalist movement do not destroy the arguments of these Ethno-Nationalists is beyond me. The Traditionalist movement is infected with these bizarre ideas. Distributism/Ethno-Nationalism has nothing to do with Roman Catholic Tradition. It is a dangerous movement as this blog has pointed out time and time again.

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  1. If people in the likes of bishop williamson wanted europe to non-muslims, then why promote all the killings in the WWII? They knew someone would eventually have to occupy those tens of millions of free spaces.