Monday, 4 October 2010


I first reported on Forza Nuova and their fascist priest Giulio Tam two weeks ago, highlighting their links with the BNP. Last month, Ulster Taig wrote that Tam is a candidate for the Bologna mayoral elections this June.
Now Assemble Anti-Fascista di Bologna reports [any translation errors are the responsibility of Seismic Shock]:

No on legitimises the nofascists of Forza Nuova

Once again, the police in Bologna have allowed a public Forza Nuova speech, on May 28 at 6:30pm, in Piazza Galvani.

It is well-known that militants and leaders of Forza Nuova have distinguished themselves in Italy with violence, beatings, intimidation, attacks, acts of racism, anti-Semitism and sexism.

In Rimini, on September 25th 2007, the Rimini Forza Nuova group was stopped as it was about to make a squadrista (fascist) attack on the social centre Paz. “Violation of the Anti-Terror Law, kidnapping, possession of weapons and material praising the Third Reich …”: these are just some of the allegations involving eleven supporters and members of Forza Nuova di Rimini, including a provincial leader.

In Bologna, November 15 2008, some militants and a provincial leader of Forza Nuova attacked and savagely beat two students and a student returning from a graduation party in Piazza Santo Stefano, just because of their alternative style. One of the three was struck repeatedly in the face while on the ground, and suffered facial fractures and a pocket of blood behind the eye. He was operated upon in the emergency department of the maxillofacial surgery in Bellaria.

We do not need many more examples of the actions of the neo-fascist Forza Nuova, ready to speculate on any topic in order to spread fear and racial hatred.

However, it should be remembered that on December 1 2008, the municipal council of Bologna adopted a motion that calls on the Interior Minister “to outlaw the political movement Forza Nuova, for reconstruction of the Fascist party and for non-compliance with the rules of the Mancino law, as several leaders and activists of Forza Nuova have been involved more than once in incidents of racist and fascist violence (in Bologna, Rimini, Verona and other Italian cities).”

It should be noted that in other Italian cities public authorities have sought to ban demonstrations by neo-fascist parties. Thus, on 18th May 2009, the Venice City Council a motion that calls upon the chief of police not to authorise the Nazi event announced for May 30th by Fiamma Tricolore and Forza Nuova.

It should be remembered that even the Cardinal of Bologna Carlo Caffarra recently condemned racism and anti-Semitism of the mayor candidate of Forza Nuova, Don Giulio Tam, declaring him “incapable of understanding and wanting to understand.”

It should be remembered that on 28th February 2009, Don Giulio Tam performed the Nazi salute during a demonstration of Forza Nuova Bergamo, between rods, tricolour flags, and slogans like “Hang those who leave” and “Sieg Heil”. After that shameful parade, forty-one neo-fascists have been reported as, among other things, advocates for fascism.

Despite these and other relevant considerations, which cannot be held to be sectarian or extremist, the police of Bologna has always assured, in recent months, crowd space for citizen use by the neo-fascist party Forza Nuova.

While an order bans any self-organised demonstrations from using the historic city centre at weekends, whilst ordinary people are forbidden to even sit on the floor, while the use of truncheons against those who disagree is becoming more ‘normal’, the police of Bologna have, under the pretext of elections, authorised in recent months banquets of propaganda which are blatantly racist and xenophobic. There was no complaint for “incitement to racial hatred.”

The rally of Don Giulio Tam disturbs the civil conscience of this city, encourages squadrista deeds of racist and neo-fascists, restricts the personal freedom of many, and makes the area of Piazza Galvani dangerous.

It is unacceptable that this meeting should be authorised by the police of Bologna in opposition to the widespread feeling of this city: a city that rejects anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, racism and sexism; a city that – from the Bologna massacre of August 2 1980 to the Uno Bianca gang – has paid a heavy price for the authoritarian policies of neo-fascists and their ilk in the state apparatus.

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