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Fellay: "The Jews are 'our elder brothers'."

"Antisemitism has no place in our ranks."

Strong words of the Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX), Bishop Bernard Fellay, against any suspicion of Antisemitism.

1. First, in a declaration made yesterday to Famille Chrétienne, the French Catholic weekly, as reported by La Croix this Sunday:

Bishop Bernard Fellay welcomed "Famille Chrétienne" [French Catholic weekly] on January 31, in his General House of Menzingen, Switzerland. He responded in particular to the accusations of Antisemitism cast at the Fraternity of Saint Pius X.

"We evidently condemn every act of murder of the innocent. It is a crime that cries to heaven! Even more so when it is related to a people. We reject every accusation of Antisemitism. Completely and absolutely. We reject every form of approval of what happened under Hitler. This is something abominable. Christianity places Charity at a supreme level. Saint Paul, speaking of the Jews, proclaims, 'I wished myself to be an anathema [from Christ], for my brethren!" (Rom. 9, 3). The Jews are "our elder brothers" in the sense that we have something in common, that is, the old Covenant. It is true that the acknowledgment of the coming of the Messiah separates us.

"It is very interesting to notice that the Church did not await for the Council to prescribe courses of action regarding the Jews. Since the 30s, even during the war, several texts of Rome provide a very just position: the abominations of the Hitlerist regime must be condemned! 'Spiritually, we are all Semites', Pope Pius XI had said. It is a truth which comes from Sacred Scripture itself, 'we are sons of Abraham,' Saint Paul also affirms."

2. Also by an e-mail message sent this Sunday to the Rev. Dr. Alcuin Reid (forwarded to several blogs):

Statement by Dr Alcuin Reid:

On Friday BBC Radio asked me to discuss recent events concerning the SSPX on 'The Sunday Programme' this morning. Following that request I asked the SSPX for comment on the issues to be discussed. Unfortunately Bishop Fellay's reply reached me only after the programme aired. His reply, written for publication, states:

"The position of Bishop Williamson is clearly not the position of our Society. Antisemitism has no place in our ranks. We follow fully God's commandments on justice and charity and the constant teaching of the Church. Antisemitism has been condemned by the Church. So do we condemn it. I fully agree with Fr Schmidberger's statement about Bishop Williamson's words. ("

God bless you

+Bernard Fellay

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Bishop's vexing beliefs have deep roots

Three ex-seminarians in 1980s describe 'offensive' remarks

Brothers Joseph Rizzo (above and below in cassock) of Weymouth and the Rev. John Rizzo, seen here in Sydney (above right), described Bishop Richard Williamson as an unabashed anti-Semite who was hostile to women. Pope Benedict XVI recently ended Williamson's excommunication. (Left: Tom Herde / Boston Globe; Right: AP Photo)

 John and Joseph Rizzo were looking for an old-fashioned Catholicism when, fresh out of Weymouth South High School, they enrolled at a small schismatic seminary in Connecticut where Mass was in Latin and the modern era was viewed with suspicion.

But they were not prepared for one element of their experience in Ridgefield: a rector, the Rev. Richard Williamson, who they experienced as an unabashed anti-Semite who was dismissive of the Holocaust and hostile to women.

Today Williamson is at the center of a global controversy after Pope Benedict XVI lifted an excommunication order against him and three other leaders of the ultraconservative Society of St. Pius X who in 1988 had been ordained bishops without Vatican approval.

The Vatican says that the pope was unaware of Williamson's views on the Holocaust, which were articulated most recently in an interview with Swedish television in which Williamson said he did not believe that the Nazis used gas chambers to kill Jews and that he believed the Jewish death toll in concentration camps was 200,000 to 300,000, rather than 6 million.

But for some of the young men who spent time with Williamson in Connecticut in the 1980s, the only surprise is that anyone is surprised to learn that Williamson harbors views that are anathema to his church.

"He got his point across, right from the start," said the Rev. John Rizzo, who in 1985 was ordained a priest of the Society of St. Pius X, which broke with Rome over the liturgical and theological reforms instituted during the Second Vatican Council of the mid-1960s.

John Rizzo left the Society of St. Pius X in 1993 and joined a different traditionalist society, the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, which is in union with Rome.

"I have a sizable nose, and he would say to me, 'Rizzo, are you baptized, or are you a Jew?' " John Rizzo, who is now based in New Zealand, said in a phone interview from Australia. "There was another seminarian named Oppenheimer, and he would say: 'Oppenheimer, I don't like your name. If you keep it up, there's a gas chamber waiting for you at the boathouse.' "

Oppenheimer, now the Rev. Dom Daniel Augustine Oppenheimer, got to know Williamson while at the Society of St. Pius X's seminary in Switzerland; he said in a phone interview from California that he would not describe specific language used by Williamson, but that "when I met him he made a number of remarks to me that made it clear to me that this was not where I belonged." Oppenheimer was ordained a member of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter and went on to found another traditionalist organization, the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem, which is also in union with Rome.

Page 2 of 2 --"His personal opinions on a number of matters are very offensive," Oppenheimer said of Williamson.

John and Joseph Rizzo studied with Bishop Richard Williamson at a seminary in Conneticut

John Rizzo's twin brother, Joseph, who left the seminary without being ordained, also recalls Williamson's rhetoric. Joseph Rizzo is now back in Weymouth, where he has four children and is a general manager for Tedeschi Food Shops.

"He called the Holocaust the biggest theatrics known to mankind - I remember sitting in a conference one time when he said those words, and I couldn't believe it - he looked around the room and saw the jaws dropping," said Joseph Rizzo. "I walked around the lake with him, and I said, 'Why would you say that?' and he said, 'There's no documentation.' He said it was all staged, and when I asked why, he said because the Jews own the country, they own the banks, and he felt it was some kind of effort to generate some sympathy toward them."

The US district superior for the Society of St. Pius X, the Rev. Arnaud Rostand of Missouri, did not return a call seeking comment. Williamson has been living in Argentina, where he had been the rector of a St. Pius X seminary, but he was removed from that post last week. Yesterday the Argentine Interior Ministry ordered him to leave the country. The Vatican has also ordered Williamson to recant his views, and the pope told a group of visiting American Jewish leaders last week that "any denial or minimization of this terrible crime [the Holocaust] is intolerable and altogether unacceptable."

There has been plenty of evidence over the last few decades about Williamson's controversial views. In 1989, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigated the bishop, but did not press charges, after he told an audience in Quebec: "There was not one Jew killed in the gas chamber. It was all lies, lies, lies." He has also questioned whether terrorists were behind the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and has suggested that women should not wear pants.

The Rizzos and Oppenheimer all said they complained about Williamson in some fashion.

Joseph Rizzo said he spoke directly to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the French prelate who founded the society, although his complaint was general. "I didn't say, 'Hey, I think this guy is a kook,' but my concern was that there was no magisterium in place."

Oppenheimer said he spoke to the superior general of the society. "I don't know what they did with my concerns," he said, "but I'm sure I wasn't the first one to bring up the observations."

But the three men are also all still devout Catholics who attend traditionalist Masses and do not blame the pope for the scandal.

John Rizzo called Williamson "a sick man" with "a horrible attitude toward women and a horrible attitude toward Jews."

"I would think Rome would have been more familiar with Williamson's views toward the Holocaust, but my take is that the Holy Father, in the spirit of charity, wants to bring them all back into the church," Rizzo said.

Joseph Rizzo said he believes the pope's staff failed him, saying that "if they did any background check, they should have known" but that "the other three bishops are more humble."

Oppenheimer, who said he does not believe Williamson's views are representative of the broader traditionalist movement, said, "I am happy that these excommunications are being lifted, and I hope for a swift reconciliation of everyone to Catholic unity."

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By Michael Paulson

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On Ash Wednesday, 25 February, Mel Gibson’s controversial film of the Crucifixion, The Passion of Jesus Christ, opened in cinemas worldwide and is certain to fuel the roiling accusations of religious antisemitism that have dogged the Traditionalist Catholic actor/director over the past year. No surprise, considering that Gibson based his script on a feverish “vision” penned by the 19th century mystic Anne Catherine Emmerich, which lays the blame for Christ’s execution squarely on “the cruel Jews … the emissaries of Satan”. Despite all the reporting on this controversial movie, little light has been directed at the radical Traditionalist Catholic movement that formed Gibson’s reactionary beliefs.

With the internet and numerous conferences, seminars and pilgrimages around the world, Catholic ultra-Traditionalists – numbering as many as 100,000 in the United States alone – form a global network that is infested with religious antisemites, Holocaust deniers, Old School fascists, white nationalists, faith-based Third Positionists and anti-democratic clerics.

“We intend to pick up where the Distributist, the Solidarist, the Corporatist Catholics of all nations left off before the war, and, God willing, to deliver to the world once again the hope of a peaceful and fruitful existence, free from both the excessive power of the state and the ruthless injustice of an untamed market.”

So stated the Catholic IHS Press on its website launch two years ago. The man behind this enterprise and these words is John Sharpe, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, former submarine officer and media spokesman for the Atlantic Fleet. He is also a radical Catholic Third Position polemicist with ideological and business ties to Roberto Fiore’s International Third Position/Forza Nuova network.

Sharpe’s other, more radical enterprise, the Legion of St Louis (LSL), based in Norfolk, Virginia, serves as the US distributor for the St George Educational Trust (SGET) catalogue of antisemitic and British fascist classics. The Board of Directors for the Trust includes convicted terrorist Roberto Fiore, former National Front political solider Colin Todd and Society of St Pius X (SSPX) priest Fr. Michael Crowdy.

LSL offers an SGET booklist that includes works by the British Union of Fascists leader A K Chesterton, the Irish fascist and antisemite Fr. Denis Fahey and his American protégé “radio priest” Fr. Charles Coughlin along with Holocaust denier Michael Hoffman’s Strange Gods of Judaism and Henry Ford’s The International Jew.

Sharpe’s affiliation with the ITP is further illustrated by his promotion of back-to-land Catholic separatism: Distributism via Chesterton/Belloc – one of the ten planks of the ITP. Reciprocally, the ITP is now promoting IHS Press in its email newsletter, Final Conflict.

With IHS Press and its companion imprint, Gates of Vienna Press, Sharpe takes a more subversive tack. These ventures target a broader, more respectable range of conservative Catholics and have made Sharpe one of the leading Traditionalist Catholic publishers in America with an outreach into markets in the UK and Europe.

Sharpe is a very busy fellow. In addition to his speaking engagements, writing, publishing enterprises and directorship of the Legion, he has a subsidiary business, LSL Enterprises, that sells religious statues, prints and icons imported from Italy. Given his affiliation with SGET, it is suspected that Sharpe’s Italian import enterprise is fingerprinted by the hands of Fiore and fellow ITP leader Derek Holland, now ensconced in an apartment near the Vatican. Sharpe and Holland, who has recently adopted the surname O’Huallachain, jointly edited a collection of essays by writers of the 1930s and 1940s under the title Distributist Perspectives. They include writings by G K Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc.

Sharpe’s parents, John, Sr. and Judith, founded their own Trad Catholic effort, “In the Spirit of Chartres” Committee, in 1998, which sponsors two annual events in Phoenix: a “Spirit of Chartres” Pilgrimage modelled on the annual SSPX event in France and a Catholic Restoration Conference. These conferences have featured the most extreme of the Trad Catholic movement: John Vennari, Christopher Ferrara, Gerry Matatics, Marian Horvat, Atila Guimaraes, Fr. Paul Kramer and, of course, John Sharpe, Jr. These comprise a core team of conspiracy-mongering proselytisers on a speaking circuit backed by SSPX adherents, the St. Benedict’s Center in New Hampshire, the US headquarters for the followers of the late Fr. Francis Feeney, a notorious antisemite, and the multimillion dollar media outreach of Fr. Nicholas Gruner, a renegade Canadian priest who runs The Fatima Network. All sell an array of antisemitic, Judeo-Masonic Marxist conspiracy books plus the standard Distributist fare of Chesterton and Belloc.

Extremists Vennari, Ferrara, Horvat, the race-baiting E. Michael Jones and antisemitic conspiracist Robert Sungenis are also frequent contributors to the London Traditionalist Catholic monthly, Christian Order, founded by the late Fr. Paul Crane in 1960, that describes itself as “a militant antidote to the secular ‘live and let live’ attitude which has brought the Church low”.

The Sharpe family, like their ITP friends, are supporters of the Society of St Pius X, a schismatic sect of the Roman Catholic Church imbued with clerical fascism and theocratic antisemitism. SSPX was founded in Econe, Switzerland in September1970 by the late French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, a Vichyite integrist. Its clerical ranks are permeated with fascists, neo-fascists, Carlists, Nazi sympathizers and Holocaust deniers. Ranting against democracy, gay, lesbian and women’s rights, including, but not limited to, abortion, contraception, social position and attire, the SSPX is one of the most pernicious Traditionalist Catholic organisations in the world.

While its influence among neo-fascists and ultranationalists is most evident and deeply embedded in France – Jean-Marie Le Pen’s Front National, in Poland – the Liga Polskich Rodzin (League of Polish Families), Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski (National Rebirth of Poland) and in Italy – Forza Nuova, Allianza Cattolica, Militia Christi, the SSPX has grown to become a significant presence in the United States. Its relationship with convicted anti-abortion terrorist James Kopp and the militia and common law court of St Marys, Kansas and the Republic of Texas are two extreme examples.

In Kansas City, Missouri the official SSPX magazine, The Angelus, publishes antisemitic and anti-democratic screeds from Archbishop Lefebvre, Fr. Fahey, defender of Ernst Zündel Bishop Richard Williamson, E. Michael Jones, Vennari, Sungenis along with Fiore and Holland’s old padre, Fr. Crowdy, Like Sharpe’s Legion of St. Louis, the SSPX book imprint, Angelus Press in Kansas City, offers all of Fahey’s antisemitic conspiracy books plus Hilaire Belloc’s The Jews.

In addition to publishing financial appeals from SSPX in his Legion of St. Louis Bulletin, Sharpe has contributed several articles for The Angelus, including a two-part series, Judaism and the Vatican, in which he wrote:

“Now insofar as the Jews reject the Divine Sonship of Our Lord, they remain unable to recognize as a positive development the culture which flowed from an uncompromising adherence to Him. They are opponents of Christian civilization insofar as they are unable to confess adherence to a Faith Objective Moral Law of God which was incarnated in that civilization. They are, however, a tenacious race, and their own commitment to pluralism does not countenance the socio-political supremacy of a creed founded on a Man whom their theologians consider to be a common blasphemer. Hence their commitment to revolution and their support of the progressive tendencies embodied in the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Revolution.”

In the June 2003 issue of The Angelus, Sharpe wrote, “… let us not fear the epithet anti-Semite. … the Christian anti-Semite has for his dream the restoration of that state which had its foundations in theological principles. If such is the case (as both history and logic prove, even to this very day) may we all then have the courage to respond with the words of Fr. Fahey: In that sense, every sane thinker must be an anti-Semite.”

The above remarks seem relatively measured when contrasted with Sharpe’s poisonous fulmination in his Legion of St. Louis Bulletin, a “Jews killed Jesus” product featuring articles from the Zundeliste and Willis Carto’s American Free Press. In his enormous three-part series on 9/11, Sharpe proffers a tour-de-force Third Positionist polemic, a rather bizarre and troubling mindset for a lieutenant in the United States Navy.

“Bin Laden’s call to attack the West lacks a supernatural geo-political perspective because it is concerned ONLY with defending the rights, albeit in some cases legitimate, of Muslim states. The media perspective is faulty because it equates the West with the Enlightenment, secularism, and materialism. And the analysis put forward by some Catholic parties is flawed not so much in itself as in what it leaves out of consideration – Judeo-Masonry.

“Commentary on the geopolitical situation of 2001 can be neither complete nor sufficient if it fails to take into account the Jewish Nation. The temporal power that the Jews have achieved since, picking a somewhat arbitrary date, 1789, is both pervasive and relatively unchallenged. Some readers will doubtless call this extremism, anti-Semitism, and, God-forbid, some strange brand of Nazi fanaticism. On the contrary. It is simply a fact. The forces of high finance, government, and the media have been in largely Jewish hands for some time now; we should therefore expect that the direction in which the world is guided by those forces (or at least in which those forces attempt to guide the world) largely corresponds to a generally Jewish aim.”

And this: “… there is an inconvenient coincidence that the spin-masters continue to try to avoid, disavow, or ‘interpret’ out of existence. That fact is this: with the exception of the Legion Bulletin and a few other independent Crusaders, the only publicly-identifiable religious group in the world which routinely denounces Zionist oppression, at the hands of either the US or Israel, is the Islamic world, whether it be the ‘radical’ fringe or the ‘moderate’ Arab states.”

At closing, smoking with centuries-old religious antisemitism, Sharpe wraps it all up in Inquisition black by declaring that “the current and historical mortal enemy of Christian civilization is Judeo-Masonry. There can be no doubt about this fact from an analysis of history, both recent, and that which dates from the time of Our Lord. Islam is a sideshow, albeit a powerful and vigorous one, to the main drama. It has been a tool of Jewry and may in fact be so in this case.”

With hatred like this widely disseminated by the SSPX and other US based Traditionalist Catholic organisations, Sharpe and his numerous cohorts in the US have become vital helpmates to Catholic neo-fascists in Europe, Ireland and South America. As they solidify and expand their ties with clerical fascists in Europe and the UK within the SSPX network, these American Rad Trads are forming a faith-based bridge between the American extremist Right and their counterparts around the world more roadworthy than anything attempted by the likes of pagan Nazis such as William Pierce.


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Blood and Politics
by Leonard Zeskind


Zundel released from German prison

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CBC News

Ernst Zundel leaves prison in Mannheim, southern Germany, after serving a five-year sentence for denying the Holocaust. (Michael Probst/Associated Press)

Ernst Zundel, who was freed on Monday after serving five years in a German prison for denying the Holocaust, said he did not know whether he would try to return to Canada.

"I'm back out after seven years, three weeks, three prisons and three countries," said Zundel, 70, who was welcomed by around 20 supporters as he emerged from the Mannheim prison.

Zundel would not comment when asked whether he believed the Holocaust happened.

"It's kind of a sad situation; there's a lot to say. I'll certainly be careful not to offend anyone and their draconian laws," he said.

Zundel said he would return to his home in the Black Forest area but was unsure whether he would return to Canada.

The German-born Zundel lived in Canada for four decades, making frequent court appearances to argue for the freedom to express his anti-Semitic views in books and pamphlets and on a website.

He was deported to Germany in 2005 after a Federal Court judge ruled he was a threat to national security.

He was immediately arrested upon arrival in his birth country and held without bail because German authorities considered him a flight risk.

In 2007, a German court convicted Zundel of 14 counts of incitement of racial hatred and sentenced him to five years in prison, the maximum allowed under German law for denying the Holocaust.

Zundel and his supporters had argued he was exercising his right to free speech.

In several European countries, including Germany, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Spain and France, Holocaust denial is a specific criminal offence. In Canada, Holocaust denial can be prosecuted as a hate crime.

Although he had received a five-year sentence, Zundel received credit for time served before his 2007 trial. With files from The Associated Press


Thomas Sparks Quotes SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson On "The Jews"

From: Thomas Sparks' "Catholic" forum

From: Thomas Sparks' "CATHOLIC" - Yahoo Forums

Message 4985
From: "thomas_the_lesser"
Date: Wed Dec 12, 2001 3:13 pm

I have knocked together a short overview of the understanding which Bishop Williamson of the traditional priestly Catholic order, the Society of Saint Pius X, has about the perfidious Jews, and which he communicates to the Faithful through his letters and sermons.


Compiled by Thomas Sparks

Bishop Williamson is the rector of the Society of Saint Pius X's Saint Thomas Aquinas seminary at Winona, Minnesota; he is one of the bishops consecrated by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. He is, of course, well known among traditional Catholics; however, perhaps less well known is his sound knowledge regarding the Jews. I shall quote some passages from his writings, some of which are online at SSPX sites, to illustrate His Lordship's grasp of the Jewish question.


His Eminence Bishop Williamson recognises that the "holocaust" is all Jewish lies, invented as a scheme to further Jewish aggression against the nations. In 1989, Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes church in Sherbrooke, Canada, Bishop Williamson stated, regarding this devilish concoction of the Jews:

"there was not one Jew killed in the gas chambers. It was all lies, lies, lies. The Jews created the Holocaust so we would prostrate ourselves on our knees before them and approve of their new State of Israel.... Jews made up the Holocaust, Protestants get their orders from the devil, and the Vatican has sold its soul to liberalism."


His Eminence Bishop Williamson recognises that the Jews scheme for Jewish World Domination, as planned in their notes, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. He says that it is God's doing that men possess this book, by which they are able to understand the evil Jewish schemes. He explains that Adolf Hitler "liberated" Germany from the control of the World Usurers who are scheming for World Domination.

In his monthly Letter to Friends and Benefactors of the SSPX's St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona USA., of May 2000, he wrote:

"God puts in men's hands the "Protocols of the Sages of Sion" and the "Rakovsky Interview", if men want to know the truth, but few do.

"What Rakovsky told Stalin's agent was that as far as "they" were concerned (meaning the internationalist plotters for world control by money) he, Stalin, had betrayed their Communist Revolution in Russia. So to bring Stalin down, "they" had brought Hitler to power by giving to his Nazi party crucial financial support in the late 1920's.

However, Hitler, by issuing his own money to replace their debtmoney, was now liberating Germany from their control, a liberation so threatening to their worldpower that they were now willing to forget their feud with Stalin and join with him in crushing Hitler. So here was the deal, said Rakovsky: if Stalin would put out feelers to Hitler for a HitlerStalin pact, to include a joint invasion and partitioning of Poland, then Stalin would get all kinds of decisive help from the USA and from other unexpected quarters, and when the HitlerStalin deal had produced the desirable war to crush Hitler, then Stalin could be given Europe (in the event he got half of it). But if Stalin would not put out those feelers towards Hitler, then he could expect from those same quarters to be crushed himself!"

This document may be viewed online at:

We may note some of his other Letters to Friends and Benefactors in which he has quoted the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In his November 1, His Eminence Bishop Williamson writes, quoting the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, that "nearly 100 years ago" Christ's enemies were bragging:

"We have long past taken care to discredit the priesthood of the goyim, and thereby to ruin their mission on earth, which in these days might still be a great hindrance to us. Day by day its influence on the peoples of the world is falling lower. Freedom of conscience has been declared everywhere, so that now only years divide us from the moment of the complete wrecking of that Christian religion... We shall set clericalism and clericals into such narrow frames as to make their influence move in retrogressive proportion to its former progress." (Protocol No. 17 of Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion)

Moreover, in his November 3, 1991 Letter to Friends and Benefactors he quoted Protocol 10, giving the reference for it in his letter:

"Now the vile media played no doubt a large part in inflating the issue out of all proportion, in order amongst other things, whichever side won, to bring the Supreme Court into disrepute: " is indispensable to stir up the people's relations with their governments in all countries so as utterly to exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy... so that the goyim see no other course open to them than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and all else" (Pr. 10)."

And further in same Letter, he quotes Protocol 14, just after quoting the Epistle to the Romans, again giving the reference in his text:

"Take another example of this grave disruption of nature in the U.S.A. today: the invasion of public life by gays and lesbians, men and women being "delivered up to shameful affections...changing the natural use into that which is against nature" (Rom. I, 26, 27), then flaunting their unnatural vice in public and being rewarded by the vile media with a blaze of publicity. And decent citizens seem unable to do much about it, partly no doubt because "in countries known as progressive and enlightened, we have created a senseless, filthy, abominable literature" (Pr. 14)


His Eminence Bishop Williamson repeatedly draws our attention to the Jews perennial attempt to destroy Christianity.

In his Letter to Friends and Benefactors of June 2000, the Bishop wrote:

"And secondly, down 2,000 years Jews have repeatedly sought to undermine the Catholic Church and to take Christ out of Christendom (leaving only endom or enddoom!)."

This Letter may be read online at:

Further, in his Letter to Friends and Benefactors of April 2000, the Bishop wrote:

"Just as the chief priests and ancients hated Jesus unto death, but they needed an Apostle to betray him, so we may blame Jews and Freemasons and others like them for engineering the destruction of the Church, but it has taken churchmen from within to do the actual betraying and destroying."


We may note that Bishop Williamson is not alone, speaking the truth about the Jews, among the Bishop of the Society pf Saint Pius X. His Eminence Bishop Tissier de Malleraise, another Bishop consecrated by Archbishop Lefebvre, explains that the Jews are odious (ie. worthy of hatred) to the nations through their perfidy, and are the workers of the Antichrist.

In his article, The Jews in the Latter Times, in the May 1997 edition of Catholic 1, he explained to the Society faithful, regarding the Jews:

"their grave defects rendered them odious to the nations among which they were established. All this makes us think that the Jews are the most active artisans for the coming of antichrist."


1. Here Sparks means an Australian monthly, called "Catholic", which was published by Silvester Donald McLean of Yarra Junction. F.J.L.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It would be impossible to discuss the activities of the "Catholic fascist" faction of Derek Holland and John Sharpe, detailed in earlier posts, without mentioning Bishop Richard Williamson of the SSPX. Nor are many supporters of the Society of St. Pius X scandalized at such exposure at this point, since they have been religiously and politically scandalized by that cleric's pronouncements over the past twenty years (as seen on many online forums). Whether one agrees with the SSPX or not, it is clear that Bishop Williamson has been an extremist and divisive force in Catholic tradition.

Based on the facts available, including correspondence with Bishop Williamson (in the 1990s), it is clear that he was fully aware of Derek Holland's politics but refused to distance himself from the "Catholic" neo-fascists. Instead he seems to have done all he could to insure that Holland (writing under a pseudonym), and later John Sharpe, would be prominently featured in The Angelus magazine and that the Angelus Press would sell many of the materials put out by the neo-fascist Legion of St. Louis/St. George Educational Trust. While still involved with the ITP in the early 90s, former members heard the bishop's name authoritatively invoked by "Catholic" fascists to justify their program. Even now, Bishop Williamson is regularly cited by racialist, radical nationalist and anti-Semitic groups online. Is it "guilt by association"? At the very least it's a scandal that he seems totally unfazed by.

Bishop Williamson also wrote a forward to John Sharpe's LSL booklet on Islam. This is despite the fact that former US District Superior Rev. Peter Scott repeatedly warned against Sharpe and his activities. As recently as August 11, 2005, Fr. Scott stated on a traditionalist forum: "I strongly regret the naturalism of John Sharpe, Derek Holland and their friends associated with the ITP [International Third Position]. By pretending to use a political, right wing, economic solution to the problems of the world, they have fallen into naturalism, and betrayed the Catholic cause." Nevertheless, in a letter on (July 25, 2005), John Sharpe notes with approval that the bishop had met with Derek Holland in a trip to Ireland, while glossing over Holland's connection with the German NPD's extremist politics (for more information, see the Wikipedia entry).

There can be no doubt that Bishop Williamson's religious and political stances are closely allied, since he has persistently taken an apocalyptic view on both subjects. He is channeling the energies of some traditionalists – understandably concerned with the current problems in the Church – into the wrong direction. For their part, they may think he is simply taking a "strong line" theologically. But is it possible that his de facto split with the rest of the SSPX and refusal to work with Rome is driven by non-religious motivations?

There is no question of exaggerating the problem, although Bishop Williamson is careful to avoid explicit pronouncements. He has a way of pulling his punches even while he desensitizes his readers to fringe views. Yet the pattern of soft-sell extremism is so persistent it is impossible to overlook. It can no longer be written off as mere "eccentricity." The fact that so many people agree on this point, even if they disagree on other issues, demonstrates just how far-out the bishop has gone. The following outline provides links for more information:

Anti-Semitism - "Jewish conspiracy obsessed" would be putting it mildly. The best documentation is a pro-Williamson outline of his pronouncements provided originally by the Feeneyite British racial nationalist Tom Sparks. It includes the bishop's assertions that "not one Jew killed in the gas chambers" and that Hitler was "liberating Germany from [Jewish] control." See: Thomas Sparks Quotes SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson On "The Jews". Christopher Blosser addresses these same concerns (and provides a number of related links) on his blog. During his tenure as rector at the seminary in Winona, he had the reading shelves stocked with "holocaust revisionist" literature like The Revisionist and The Barnes Review as well as neo-Nazi Ernst Zündel's Power Report.

Racialist views - Bish. Williamson recommends the racialist South African Aida Parker Newsletter in his September 1, 2002 newsletter. His excessive concern for the "white race" is discussed in his November 2005 newsletter. When at Winona the bishop displayed copies of The David Duke Report, put out by the well-known American white supremacist leader.

Oklahoma Bombing Conspiracy Theory - Touched on in his May 5, 1995 newsletter; Bish. Williamson repeatedly stated in his sermons that the Oklahoma bombing was secretly carried out by the US government. (This theme would be replayed in his 9/11 conspiracy theories.) The Oklahoma theory appears again in February 1, 1997.

Unabomber Theology - Adopting the survivalist, technophobic views of Theodore Kaczynski, which are so appealing to the "back to the land" neo-fascists (like the Third Position), Bish. Williamson states that: "principles [anarchism? revolution?] are more important than personalities, and the message is, strictly, for good or ill, independent of the messenger. The author of the Unabomber's Manifesto might have since become a Saint without its contents being changed by one word." See his June 6, 1996 newsletter.

US and Israel to Blame for 9/11 - The first of many writings/speeches implicating the US and Israel as the "real" culprits behind the Al Qaeda terror attacks: October 1, 2001 newsletter. Initially, like so many other fringe spokesmen, Bishop Williamson denied that al Qaeda had anything to do with the attacks. In a speech in Bordeaux in October 2001 he stated that "the bombing of [the Taliban] Afghanistan is not intelligent... it is not just to bomb these countries.... Nobody has proven that Bin Laden was behind the attacks, no one has shown proofs, Bin Laden denies it." Left-wing terrorist sympathizer William Blum has gained attention as "Osama's Pen Pal." Yet there is little noticeable difference between his treatment of al Qaeda's actions (and America's "guilt") and those of Bishop Williamson, who actually made conspiracy theory literature (e.g., Exposing the WTC Bomb Plot) part of seminary reading at Winona.
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